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7 Common Issues that Require Professional Patton Village, TX Plumbing Services

A home’s infrastructure requires maintenance, repairs, and upgrades including Patton Village TX plumbing services. The water system running through a home is an engineering feat. It has a lifespan between 50 to 100 years, depending on the pipe material.

Maintenance keeps the indoor drainage system in good condition. Some things occur anyway. For example, severe weather causes exposed pipes to rust. If the soil shifts after a harsh downpour, the shift impacts the pipes. An outdoor sewer pipe issue affects the indoor system.

Montgomery County plumbing services companies help maintain, replace, and repair its infrastructure components. By maintaining the home’s water, waste, and sewer infrastructure, the homeowner is consistently engaging in home improvement projects.

Homes with well-maintained bones, appliances, and infrastructure command a better selling price. Therefore the home maintenance service is worth keeping up. Moreover, there is less stress involved in living there. Owning a home that requires expensive repairs, replacements and upgrades becomes a heavy responsibility.

If you keep up with maintenance, the repairs and replacements come less often and more spread out.

The following are seven common issues that require professional Patton Village, TX plumbing services.


Clogs are common issues that require professional Montgomery County plumbing services. They have several sources including hair, soap, and food. A plumber narrows down the causes and repairs needed based on location.

A clog can occur in the kitchen or bathroom. Any other space that consists of water pipes and drains can experience a clog too. The room indicates the more likely source.

For example, if the clog is in the bathroom, the plumber checks if it’s happening in the shower drain, bathtub drain, or sink drain. In the kitchen, the clog occurs in the sink drain.

Blocked drains pose an inconvenience. When they start, there’s time to take care of it before the clog becomes worse. A blocked drain that becomes significant begins to pose a hazard.

Professionals go through several steps to fix a clog including drain cleaning. If they find a clog in the kitchen, they complete a grease trap cleaning.

A blocked drain seems innocent. It can quickly spiral into something more serious. It’s one thing for a clog that sets itself right under the drain. Clogs that live in the walls are more nefarious. It’s more difficult to reach them.

Nonetheless, professional plumbers have the tools to reach and eliminate them. Even though the clog is within the walls, plumbers don’t need to complete invasive procedures anymore.


All leaks from water pipes and a home’s infrastructure are cause for concern. Dripping faucets indicate that something is not right with them; leaks indicate that a bigger issue is occurring.

Leaks impact homes serviced by municipal providers and those that have a septic system installed. Municipal water and sewage pipes last between 50 to 100 years. Orangeburg pipes last the least amount at 50 years. PVC, concrete, and cast iron last between 75 to 100 years.

Thus, if they start leaking, it’s time to schedule an appointment with the professionals.

Common water pipe leak issues include corrosion, damaged pipe joints, and excess water pressure. Clogs, broken seals, and tree roots are three more.

Some leaks are difficult to spot promptly. Professional plumbers use leak detection technology to pinpoint the problem spot.

Property owners no longer need to put off important water pipe infrastructure maintenance, repairs, or replacements. The technology plumbers use to find problems is no-dig. It doesn’t require excavation in most cases. Thus it’s no longer invasive.

Dealing with a leak promptly prevents more serious and expensive water infrastructure problems.

Running Toilets

When a toilet is not in use, it does not make noise. If you hear the toilet running several minutes after the last flush, it’s experiencing issues. While the toilet water runs, the water continues to flow through it and out. It constitutes wasting water.

In addition, the public water utility provider doesn’t know the difference between a malfunctioning toilet and water use. Thus, the homeowner’s bill receives a charge for the extra water use.

Plumbers agree that diagnosing a running toilet requires several steps. The issue isn’t always obvious.

A toilet’s components include the fill valve, fill tube, and overflow tube, among others. Sometimes the chain connected to the flushing mechanism loosens over time. When it finally falls out of its place, it causes chaos with the other parts.

It’s important to differentiate between a running toilet and a leaking toilet too. If the flapper doesn’t close correctly, it causes the toilet to run. If the pipe connected to the toilet incurs damage, the toilet water begins to leak.

For environmental reasons, it’s best to let the professionals fix a toilet with issues promptly. The homeowner pays for wasted water. So it’s in their best interest to correct the problem. A malfunctioning toilet is also an inconvenience.

If it’s time for a new toilet, professional plumbers can complete a toilet installation too.

Plumbing Services in Patton Village, TX

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure issues occur for different reasons. In this case, complete some detective work first.

Homes that receive municipal water and sewage service sometimes experience a lag in service. Construction, damage, and severe weather impact the regional pipes. It causes a ripple effect on the residential pipes.

A homeowner that experiences low water pressure in the shower, bathroom sink, or kitchen sink needs to try the rest of the water sources in the home. If the low water pressure occurs in all the water sources, check-in with the neighbors next.

If more than one neighbor is also experiencing poor water pressure, call the municipal provider. Public utility companies use technology to track outages and service interruptions. They offer updates through their apps and online.

In cases when the low water pressure is only occurring at the homeowner’s house, schedule an appointment with the professionals such as Extreme Plumbing & AC.

Clogs in the aerator or cartridge commonly cause the water issue. Old pipes and problems with the pressure regulators are other culprits.

Nonetheless, professionals take a look and fix the problem.

As a professional plumber takes a look at the home’s infrastructure, they can take a look at the condition of the other pipes. Sometimes it takes small adjustments to improve the system. If you have additional concerns, it’s a good time to address them.

The weather has severe shifts in TX. The shifts impact a home’s pipe system. After severe storms, the soil moves, including underneath sewer and water pipes. When a property owner realizes that they require the Montgomery County plumbing services, it’s not always a result of something that they did.

Pipes can burst after experiencing freezing weather. They can always break because the connecting pipe shifts with the soil.

Therefore, consider scheduling services for your home’s water and sewer pipes after severe weather.

Water Heater Issues

Water heaters are a wonderful modern convenience. Most homes have them installed. When they fail, it’s a major appliance that is sorely missed.

Professional plumbers service every aspect of a water heater including maintenance, repair, and installation.

Modern water heaters are more efficient and trickier to install. A correct installation ensures that the unit operates as intended. If the unit is faulty and the installation is poor, it’s more challenging to replace it promptly.

Plumbers guarantee their work. Therefore you can be confident that a professionally-installed water heater will do its job as soon as it heats the first batch. It’s possible to install the heater as a DIY project; prepare for the intricacies beforehand.

Professional plumbers also help their clients pick out the best water heater. Based on a household’s needs, plumbers make suggestions. A household must pick the right sized appliances. For example, a new heating, cooling, and ventilation system is a great addition. It’s also a great investment. However, it can’t do its job if it’s too big or too small.

The logic for a water heater is the same. A household doesn’t benefit from a water heater tank that’s too small. It will run out of water quickly. The tank must heat enough water and keep it in reserve for it to be effective. It can also be too big.

Tankless water heaters are another option. They heat water on demand. Some households benefit from the technology. Keep in mind that the tankless water heater also requires professional installation.

Common water heater repairs include overheating, faulty temperature, and faulty connections.

If you incur the need for a hot water heater replacement, it’s not the worst scenario. Sometimes the need for a water heater isn’t because the current one no longer heats. If it reached its expiration date, you broke even. Now you have the opportunity to explore what’s new on the market.

Water heaters have evolved. Thanks to technology, they’re more efficient.

To find out the water heater replacement cost, contact Extreme Plumbing & AC.

Sump Pump Problems

Sump pumps are useful water infrastructure tools that move water out of the residential waste pipes and into the regional ones. Most sump pumps live in a home’s basement and they offer several benefits.

They help improve the home’s indoor air quality, reduce mold growth, and prevent rainwater flooding. Moreover, they protect a home against sewage backups.

A sump pump installation requires the professional skills of a plumber. It’s a messy task. Professionals dig a hold and place the pump at the lowest level possible. They secure all the connections and test it before leaving.

Like all major household appliances, sump pumps experience the need for maintenance, repair, and replacement.

Property owners curious about sump pumps can always speak with representatives from Montgomery County plumbing companies near me such as Extreme Plumbing & AC.

Water Drips

When the faucet starts to drip, your Texas home benefits from professional Patton Village, TX plumbing services. For some homeowners, the drip keeps them awake at night. Others realize that the constant drip is wasting water and running up the water bill.

A plumber examines the faucet to determine the exact cause of the dripping water. Sometimes the O-ring wears out and water starts to flow out even though the faucet is completely turned off. The packing nut is another water-streaming culprit.

The faucet also consists of rubber seals. They wear out and stop holding the water back. Faucets have a 20 years lifespan. Like all major home appliances, the entire unit lasts a set amount of years. However, some of the parts require repair or replacement before the unit requires a total replacement.

In the case of dripping faucets, it’s best to allow the professionals to inspect the problem. It allows them to replace the rubber seals, O-ring, or packing nuts. Plus, they assess if that’s truly the problem or something else.

Keep in mind that services provided by professional plumbers are less invasive in 2021. Excavation to repair a damaged pipe is fading away. More plumbers are adopting no-dig solutions. It’s possible to repair a pipe by accessing it from two points without significant digging.

By using the pipe cleanout, plumbers can clear out clogs and sewage backups. Plus, video and television equipment help them find leaks and pipe damage. This means that Patton Village, TX plumbing services are faster and more cost-efficient.

Homeowners who have septic systems installed on their property are responsible for it and how it impacts their neighbors. Septic systems have a lifespan of 40 years. However, some components require replacement before the rest. Thus, the septic system benefits from maintenance once every two to three years.

Homes serviced by municipal providers become responsible for the pipes that live from the house to the street. If service receives an interruption because the regional pipes sustain damage, the municipal provider handles that aspect.

Book your Patton Village, TX plumbing services with Extreme Plumbing & AC by calling (832) 621-4683. We offer a free quote and answer 24/7 emergency calls. View our full list of services by visiting our website. We aim to provide affordable Montgomery County plumbing services.

Some information about Patton Village, TX

Patton Village is a city in Montgomery County, Texas, United States. The population was 1,557 at the 2010 census. It is located in Greater Houston.

A man named H. L. Patton founded the community. Patton Village was developed beginning in the 1960s. Patton remained in control of Patton Village during its development and its incorporation as a municipality in 1966.

By 1970 Patton Village reported that it had 667 people. The population steadily increased over a following three decade period. Patton Village became a bedroom community for Houston. In the late 1970s H. L. Patton lost control of the development, due to age. Bruce Nichols of The Dallas Morning News said that ‘Several people familiar with the town said troubles began in Patton Village after founding father H.L. Patton […] lost control.’

In 1985 the city instituted a small property tax. In 1986, after most residents refused to pay the tax, the city repealed it. In 1988 Robert ‘Bob’ Devaney, the mayor of Patton Village, said ‘Property values are zero. Nobody wants to buy here.’ H. L. Patton died at age 100 in February 1989.

Learn more about Patton Village.

Map of Patton Village, TX

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