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9 Ways New Waverly, TX Best Plumbers Near Me Prepare Pipes for Winter and Summer

When the weather shifts from mild to extreme, it takes a toll on the plumbing. The seasons change. Thus indoor and outdoor plumbing goes through changes. A New Waverly plumber knows how to prepare residential plumbing for the seasons. Walker Count best plumbers near me also provide their customers with helpful tidbits to prevent harm to the plumbing before summer and winter.

As water freezes, it expands. If it freezes within your home’s water pipes, it puts them in danger. Many homeowners have experienced burst water pipes after a significant cold storm swept through their area.

Indoor plumbing is among the major appliances and fixtures that require maintenance before the weather shifts. A home’s heating, cooling, and ventilation system is one example. For the AC to work as intended during the warmer months, it must enter the season in good shape. Constant use puts several miles on the AC.

An AC’s belt, wires, and filter must go into summer in good condition. Otherwise, the AC can stop operating. Its parts wear out and can’t handle the pressure.

Residential plumbing differs greatly from a central HVAC system. However, the consequences of ignoring signs of plumbing issues are larger than a broken HVAC unit.

Water and sewer pipes can last up to 100 years, depending on the material. Cast iron, PVC, and concrete pipes last between 75 to 100 years. If you have pipes made from Orangeburg, they last about 50 years. Homes that have a septic system installed can expect it to last up to 40 years. Keep in mind that components of a septic system have different expiration dates. The system as a whole lasts an average of 40 years.

Scheduling regular maintenance on all major appliances extends their lifespan. In addition, they don’t stop working at the worst moment.

You can’t see the water and sewer pipes, so it’s easy to ignore them. The fixtures connected to the pipes are different. You can see them and spot their wear and tear. If you see signs of leaks, drips, and damage, it’s important to have a professional Walker County plumber assess it.

Homeowners should know that plumbing maintenance, repair, and replacement have seen several improvements. Thanks to trenchless no-dig solutions, homeowners don’t need to worry about plumbing contractors tearing up their concrete walkways or beautiful landscaping.

The following are nine ways that New Waverly, TX best plumbers near me from Extreme Plumbing & AC prepare residential plumbing for winter and summer.

Inspect for Leaks

It’s important to catch leaks before the Texas heat arrives. Households consume more water when it’s hot outside. Whether they take more showers or water the lawn more often, this bill increases when summer rolls around. To prevent it from increasing more than necessary, schedule a New Waverly, TX plumber to look for leaks.

A few years ago, leaks in the walls were difficult to detect without tearing into them. Now professional plumbers use video, cables, and televisions to see inside the pipes. They can spot minuscule tears, damage, and leaks. Then they can repair them using trenchless pipe repair techniques.

Plumbers require an access point to the water pipes. Leak detection technology is accurate, safe, and precise. Homeowners can rely on the results delivered by the Walker County best plumbers near me.

To find out the cost of finding leaks in the plumbing, contact Extreme Plumbing & AC.

Clean the Drains

During the warm weather, things slide down the drains more easily. The heat dissolves grease, soap scum, and detergent. Thus it’s less likely to turn into a clog. However, if you dispose of bacon or meat fat down the kitchen drain, you put the drain at risk. When the grease is still warm, it slides down the pipes with ease.

When it cools off, the grease hardens. If the grease doesn’t make it down the entire pipe in your home and to the street, it will cause a clog. If it clogs under the sink, it’s far easier to break it up with a snake. Sometimes the clog occurs in the pipe sitting within the walls. These are tougher to reach with a snake. Therefore professional plumbers use industrial-grade motorized snakes.

Septic system drain lines also require cleaning. Otherwise, waste sits within them. If waste sits in one place too long, it leads to odors emanating from the area. It can cause a backup into the home’s drains and leak into the soil near the home.

Cleaning the drains annually prevents worse damage from occurring. It especially prevents a hazardous situation from occurring inside the home.

Check the Sump Pump

Homes that have a basement built into the home, often have a sump pump installed too. The sump pump’s purpose is to prevent flooding in the home. It gathers water at the home’s lowest point and pumps it out to the regional pipes.

Since water doesn’t sit underneath the home and soil, it keeps these areas drier. When water sits for an extended period, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. A sump pump has a lifespan of 10 years. If a homeowner cares for it, it can last longer.

Sump pumps can become overwhelmed after a severe storm. If it stops pushing water, it sits within the pump. In the winter, the pump can freeze. Therefore a homeowner can help the sump pump stay healthy by scheduling an appointment with a local New Waverly, TX plumber.

Maintenance on the sump pump before winter prevents it from freezing. If anything else requires maintenance, the Walker County plumber takes care of it.

Fix Drips

In areas that experience freezing weather, professional plumbers advise homeowners to allow the faucets to drip. The action prevents the water from freezing inside the pipes.

Simultaneously, it’s important to fix drips within the plumbing structure. It’s one thing to allow water to drip from the faucets to prevent the water from freezing. It’s another when water is dripping from the pipes within the walls.

Dripping water from pipes indicates that the pipes have damage. The moisture that rests on the pipes helps bacteria and mold spores thrive. A homeowner ends up with damaged pipes and mold in the walls.

Fixing drips is much easier in 2021. The plumbers use their video equipment to find it. Then they assess the damage. If they use trenchless pipe repair technology, they find two access points. Pipe lining is one repair option.

For more plumbing maintenance information, call Extreme Plumbing & AC.

Insulate Pipes to Prevent Freezing

A home benefits from insulation. It’s an energy efficiency technique that lowers the cost to heat and cool it. In terms of the pipes, it prevents them from freezing, especially the ones that are most exposed to the elements.

Homes benefit from insulations for many reasons. Insulation creates comfort. If you heat the home, it stays warmer longer. It works the same way in the summer. Your AC becomes more efficient. In turn, insulation also helps decrease your home’s energy costs and use.

Professionals can re-insulate a home. Plus they can add insulation. When your home receives an insulation upgrade, request that the exposed pipes receive the same treatment. It’s possible to insulate the exposed pipes as a DIY project too. Simply purchase the right equipment.

Pipes that are located in regions where the temperature drops are at risk for freezing. By covering them with insulation, they are less likely to freeze during a cold snap.

Residential plumbing pipes are sturdy. As they age, they show it. Corrosion, rust, and wear lead to leaks, drips, and damage. Regular maintenance prevents significant damage.

Schedule a Furnace Inspection

The furnace is part of a home heating, cooling, and ventilation system. So, it sounds odd for plumbing professionals to suggest a furnace inspection. However, there is sound logic behind it.

Some homeowners seek to save on their energy costs during the winter. Therefore they use the furnace to heat the home when necessary. When you are very cold in your home, it means that the pipes are picking that coldness too. The difference is that your pipes can freeze, especially if there is still water inside them.

By heating your home, you create a comfortable environment for yourself and your family. Plus, you help heat the rest of the home including the walls. The heat reaches the indoor pipes in the walls. Thus they are less likely to freeze.

A well-working furnace is a must in the winter.

Prepare for a Cold Snap

Although the Texas weather doesn’t reach freezing for too long, it’s a good idea to prepare the plumbing for a cold snap anyway. Most people know that the weather is unpredictable. A cold snap can pass through the southern region too. If the pressure in the air meets with an opposing pressure force, they collide.

The result is snow in areas where it never snows or hail in areas where it never hails. Since these regions don’t receive this kind of weather often, the soil isn’t prepared to absorb it. This is why regions of Texas see flash floods and flooding.

If your home receives a sudden downpour of rain, ensure that the sump pump is in good shape. Double-check that the plumbing in the basement is durable too.

Seal Air Leaks

If you opt to re-insulate your home or add more insulation, hire a professional to seal all air leaks. They occur along the window and door frames the most. Over time, these frames warp. It also depends on their material.

For example, wood deteriorates over time.

Sealing air leaks helps the home retain heat and cold air after running the central HVAC unit. Plus, it helps the plumbing remain at a good temperature. When it’s hot, the pipes expand. In the cold, they compress.

The goal is to prevent constant expansion and compression of the pipes and other home structures such as the roof.

New homes built in the last decade are the most efficient on the market. All potential air leak spots are sealed. They are not likely to create leaks anytime soon either. Older homes require extra love because they’re aging.

By stopping air leaks, a homeowner improves their indoor comfort, air quality, and energy efficiency. Plus, they reduce their energy use and costs. When you save on your energy costs, you can invest the savings in other areas of your home. You can purchase new faucets and fixtures that will work as intended.

Schedule Water Heater Maintenance

Before winter arrives, schedule plumbing maintenance for your home’s water heater. You want to make sure that it’s still in good shape, especially if the fixture is approaching its expiration date.

Hot water heaters can last up to 12 years. Plumbing professionals believe that the heaters that make it to their teens are lucky. Nonetheless, it’s worth having maintenance completed on them.

Water heater maintenance includes checking with wiring, testing the valves and thermostat. Plumbing professionals drain it too. Then they can clean the inside. Their goal is to ensure that the tank is free of sediment.

Maintenance is an opportunity to check the state of the water heater. If the fixture is at least 10 years old, it’s worth exploring the alternatives. For example, growing households benefit from the tankless water heater option. Those who prefer to keep the gas water heater option can take a look at the new models on the market.

In many cases, the newest water heater versions are more energy-efficient. Therefore the homeowner breaks even on their investment faster.

To schedule seasonal maintenance for your home’s indoor and outdoor plumbing, contact Extreme Plumbing & AC at (832) 621-4683. We discuss the cost to repair, replace, and install new water heaters, water pipes, and drain lines. Our New Waverly, TX best plumbers near me take the time to listen to your concerns too. They also provide preventive tips.

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